Remote Online Learning has made our classes easily accessible to a wider audience

08/23/2021 06:06 AM Comment(s) By Shyam

No More Excuses

We have been delivering remote online learning  classes for more than 3 years now and the demand has been ever increasing. So we decided to ask a sample of our regular Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation class participants for their feedback.  Mentioned below is the summary

1. Reduced stress levels before and after the class as there was no travel time involved

2. Access was easy on multiple devices computers, laptops, tablets or even the smartphones.

3. The class participants felt more consistency and discipline in their class attendance even when they were on a vacation

4. The participants could easily schedule customized one-on-one classes

5. The class experience was enhanced as the participants enjoyed learning and practicing in the privacy and comfort of their home

6. Interaction with the Class Instructor was easy and very helpful

6. Remote learning made it easier to stay on track towards achieving their Wellness goals

In case you feel that you can relate to the above, please feel to reach out to us.


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