Diving deeper

08/18/2021 12:01 PM Comment(s) By Shyam

Planting the seeds of good health and happiness within our subconscious

Most of us have achieved some amount of tangible success in mastering our outer world, our jobs, our relationships. However working closely with our Meditation & Yoga Weekly Program participants over a period of many years has bought out some very interesting observations as mentioned below

1. We are still searching for that true purpose of why are we going through our lives doing what we are doing.

2. We tend to store a tremendous amount of fear, stress and anxiety from our past experiences  in our minds.

We have tried to incorporate the above feedback from our participants to help improve and evolve our weekly Meditation and Yoga program. The program now teaches the techniques and methodology to relax, meditate and thereby learn to take a deeper dive within our subconscious mind to release some of the past limitations and create a new, vibrant and energetic self. Slowly, step by step our lives becomes a bit more enjoyable.

In case you are interested in experiencing our transformative weekly programs, please feel free to schedule an introductory consultation.


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